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Automotive Article
  Hybrid Step Motors are protected to IP65 standards

Product News Network, Jan 2, 2006

Dustproof, splashproof, aStep AS series motor and driver packages never lose synchronization due to embedded rotor position sensor that constantly monitors performance. Protective earth ground terminal is installed on metal connector to motor case, conforming to ISO 12100.

At 60 mm[sup.2], AS66A and AS69A develop 170.0 and 280.0 oz-in. holding torque respectively, while 80 mm[sup.2] AS98A and AS911A motors develop respective holding torque of 280.0 and 560.0 oz-in.
Torrance, CA - Oriental Motor USA Corp. introduces the IP65 rated aStep AS series with dustproof and splashproof capabilities. The aStep is a revolutionary hybrid step motor and driver package never losing synchronism. A newly developed embedded rotor position sensor constantly monitors performance to ensure no loss of motion.

A splashproof seal is added to the redesigned Size 23 (60mm) and Size 34 (80mm) AS series' metal connector to achieve IP65 protection. A protective earth ground terminal is installed on the metal connector to the motor case. This allows the user to properly ground the motor to achieve conformance to ISO 12100 (earth ground).

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